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  • Honey

    All in all this has been a pretty weird bee season. Between the swarms, the bear attacks, the drone baby-boom and the lack of reserves; I lamented that no sweetness would be gained from the hard work.

    To my good surprise however, the bees finally adjusted to all this and got in a decent amount of honey. It probably helps that they already kicked out all these freeloader males.

    Lot of activity but they remained super friendly throughout my extraction of a few frames

    I only pulled 6 frames, I want to leave enough food behind for the cold days ahead


    The cells are packed!


    The frames gotten from the Top Bar Hive are all used, the wax is saved for soap & lip balm making.

    Sticky business

    While the frams of the Langstroth Hive are spun in an extractor in an effort to save the wax (saving bees the costly work of making more wax if you’re only interested in the honey).


    As I said, not a great year but happy to have gotten some loot


    Looks great, tastes great


  • If the public school would stop sending scammy crap through my kid that’d be lovely

    Nothing says “fuck you” like the use of the imperative to imply the inability to opt-out.


    Whore out your friend & family’s information in exchange for garbage!


    Hurray! More plastic for your trash!


    Win a playground that’ll make you want to stab your eyes to replace the one the school already has.


    Use kids to guilt trip friends & family into buying shit they don’t need to make a company profit; a side-effect of which will be raising pennies on the dollar for the school (but who knows that information is nowhere to be found).


    Make sure to read the “Tips for successful selling” so you can be a great sales drone, this is how you do fundraising in la la land.

    IMG_0355Grab the deluxe package & teeth whitening from a company in Minnesota, that’s the school picture spirit!

    Asking concerned parents to chip in, hiring a local photographer to take pictures of all the kids. Nah.

  • The marketing dickweeds in action

    IMG_0282Making every effort to not lie while leaving enough ambiguity for your brain to read what it wants to read. But maybe what irritates me more is their implying that healthy food doesn’t taste delicious initially.

    DID YOU KNOW? When combined with actual healthy food, Skippy can help it not taste like shit while associating itself with its health benefits.

  • Cool Duplo Project #16 – Frame of reference swapping

    Gotta mess with their minds early.

  • Mysqldump only certain fields of a table

    The trick here is to not use mysqldump

    mysql -u root -p -e "SELECT `field_01` AS 'new_name_01`,`field_02` as `new_name_02` FROM database.schema" -X > /tmp/output.xml

    And to load it back into the new table which exists and has the fields new_name_01 & new_name_02:

    mysql -u root -p --local-infile -e "LOAD XML LOCAL INFILE '/tmp/output.xml' INTO TABLE database.new_schema ROWS IDENTIFIED BY '<row>';"
  • Doomsday Preppers caters to opposing audiences


    X-Factor: your ability to pack explosives into dead racoons will be a valuable asset when the city folks come steal your shit.

  • Cool Duplo Project #14 – Train Induced Weight Shifting Train Track