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  • And this is what happens once they figured it out

    [flv: 640 426]

  • This is what happens as chicks learn to lay down

    [flv: 640 426]

    They spend the first few days of their lives standing; little by little they figure out they don’t have to and look like a bunch of sleepy drunks in the process.

  • It takes a surprinsingly long time to paint

    I still need to add a few decorations to make it cool. Unfortunately, the supplier has delayed delivery of the colonies by a week to allow the queens more time for their mating flight since the weather didn’t cooperate so far.

  • In America this is a recipe

    Recipe for Cheesy Marinara dipping sauce,

    1. acquire some prepared marinara sauce
    2. add cheese
    3. high-five yourself
  • 8 Buff Orpingtons

    [flv: 640 426]

    [flv: 640 426]

  • I don’t mean to be birdwatching before I’m retired but…

    What kind of bird does this? I’m told a “wood chipper” but googling this name doesn’t yield anything relevant. Could it be a Vermont name for a wood pecker? Certainly that tree wasn’t just pecked at.

    If I had to guess I’d say a pterodactyl with a chainsaw for a beak.

  • Stabbing wasps

    Living closer to nature means having a higher chance of competing in the great game of “survival of the fittest”. Having had my share of problems with yellow jackets and paper wasps, I want to annihilate them with great prejudice.

    Before it gets too warm the nests need to go.

    Oh so you can sting? Well I can stab you with a pole mounted knife.

    Welcome to freaking wasp central

    Bare feet offer optimal traction on a metal roof.

    The knife’s angle is perfect for getting in there and cutting the single point attachment of these nests (horrible design btw but I expect no less of wasps).

    They will be squashed and buried in snow for good measure.

  • Getting ready for a new season

    New hive, with all the bells & whistles

    With plastic pierco frames, the smell of beeswax (of which the frames are coated) and pine is great

  • FreeBSD manual multipath script

    I recently ran into an issue installing FreeBSD on a system that already had some disks & zpools. Because the disks were partitioned previously, automatic multipath was not an option as the last sector of all hard drives isn’t available to store an ID. The remaining option is to do manual multipath, and it needs to be done every time the system boots.

    Here’s an rc script that will run early in the sequence and create a multipath “link” between drives based on their serial number.


    # PROVIDES: manual_multipath
    # REQUIRE: sysctl
    # BEFORE: hostid
    . /etc/rc.subr
            echo "> manual_multipath script started"
            echo "> linking drives with the same serial number with gmultipath"
            devices=`/usr/bin/find /dev -maxdepth 1 -regex '.*da[0-9]*' | /usr/bin/cut -d '/' -f 3`
            for device in $devices
                    echo $device
                    serial=`camcontrol inquiry $device -S`
                    substring=`echo "$serials" | /usr/bin/sed -n "s/|$serial|.*//p" | /usr/bin/wc -c`
                    if [ $substring -eq 0 ]
                            for newdevice in $devices
                                    newserial=`camcontrol inquiry $newdevice -S`
                                    if [ "$device" != "$newdevice" -a "$serial" == "$newserial" ]
                                            echo "  same as $newdevice!"
                                            counter=`expr $counter + 1`
                                            arg2=$arg2" $newdevice"
                            if [ $found_multi -eq 1 ]
                                    gmultipath create $arg1 $arg2
            echo "> manual_multipath script finished, found $counter matches"
    load_rc_config $name
    run_rc_command "$1"

    Don’t forget to “chmod 555 /etc/rc.d/manual_multipath”.

    Lastly, when importing a zpool from the drives you just multipathed, make sure to specify where to look for devices or you might end up importing a mix of multipath and regular devices. Make sure to “zpool import -d /dev/multipath”.

    I’m delving pretty deep into FreeBSD, time to grow an epic beard.