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  • Down with the Sweetness

    Processing the honey we harvestedIMG_8705

    Maple Syrup & Honey this year


  • Glorious Garlic Uncovered

    Nothing sets the tone of the starting the season like something already green and already growing. Garlic is awesome for this.

    600 bulbs, 4200 clovesIMG_8708

  • Free labor


  • Bees no more

    Unfortunately, the bees yet again did not make it through the Winter. we have yet to carry a hive through one… With this in mind, we have decided that we will not do bees until we have a way to shield them better from the cold. We combined the green house and the well recently, the vision is to create a small oasis for all things which do not desire freezing. A heated green house / well house / bee shed maybe? We’re not sure what this looks like yet but I’m done killing bees. In the meantime we don’t want to let all this honey go to waste.




  • Learning the great art of building culverts

    Mud season is making evident a whole lot of wet spots on the land, and the paths they drain through. This one path has been and issue for a while and now it’s all nice, flat & quaint :)




  • We made a big hole in the house


    Fitting went like a charm thanks to advanced planning from 2 years ago.IMG_5098Our house is finally starting to look like a real house. One of my favorite time when building a house is discovering a view. This one is not only the biggest, is also the one turned towards our land. It was something to discover it. We now get to admire nature, the result of our hard work, and our kid playing, all in one view.IMG_5102


  • An addition to the family

    of toys:IMG_8524

    Nicole & I struggled with the idea of a tractor for a while. In only 3 years we’d had such an impact on the land with barely any power tools, and a tractor will greatly augment our ability to affect it further.land_01 land_02 land_03 We believe a few things will keep us in check from expanding too much. At the end of the day, the winning argument was that our projects were going to happen, regardless of how much I suffer through them. A tractor will certainly take care of a lot of heavy lifting.

  • April snow

  • Boiling day

    More mistakes made this year, due to scheduling & weather constraints we let ~100 gallons of sap freeze in the tanks. Because I filled them too much, a thaw actually pushed a lot of concentrated sap out the top… lessons learned…

    The stuff dripping out the top of the tank tastes quite sweet, and it’s fertilizing the lawn.


    Fortunately we are also avoided a lot of mistakes we learned about last year. Boiling is much smoother a process now.



    Totally safe, no problem


    The smell…





    Finishing on the stove


    Not captured in pictures, carrying 8 gallons of boiling liquid back home at night, on snow and ice, with a thrown back. Having a shed and proper snow handling equipment will make an amazing difference in the years to come.