Cool Duplo Project #38 – The Tallest Duplo Tower in the World – Reaching for new heights!

For the occasion of the First Lego League competition at the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth, I decided to beat my previous record for the highest Duplo tower in the World.

With an awesome venue and a lot of eyeballs on the project, it was time to do something big… Except that I barely went over my previous 17 feet. I thought I had much better chances with an improved design but I only made it to 20.5 feet. In part because I was risk averse given the project had visibility. But also because my design didn’t deliver what I thought it would in terms of resistance to wobbliness. I’ve learned a few lessons and will bring a laser level to my next attempt.

Deploying safety netting, we’re as much worried about one of the many kids attending the First Lego League knocking the tower down as we are about the tower crashing on the crowd.baea98da931cda1d-blob

Your shipment of Duplos has arrivedIMG_7262

Peter and the ready-to-assemble towerIMG_7265

Here is it in all of it glory, all 1082 pieces of itIMG_3502IMG_3507IMG_3528

Here is how it met its demisedemise

And a timelapse of its build

Thank you to the wife & kiddo, Jared, Oliver, Dan, Crystal, Peter, Sarie & the Thayer School of Engineering for all the help in making this possible 😀

A greenhouse to cover the well head

With a hand pump being our only access to water, we’re taking extra precautions to ensure it will survive the tough winters we get. While technically not necessary for the pump we got, it can only help and should also improve the chore of gathering water. And we get a greenhouse out of it 🙂



I like the idea of combining under one roof, 2 functions where freezing is non-desirable, water and growing plants. Our dream is to build a bigger greenhouse down the road and maybe even heat it. Water for the plants would be right where it’s needed and benefit from the higher temperatures. Our only worry right now is whether it will survive the freak wind gusts we get.