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  • We made a big hole in the house


    Fitting went like a charm thanks to advanced planning from 2 years ago.IMG_5098Our house is finally starting to look like a real house. One of my favorite time when building a house is discovering a view. This one is not only the biggest, is also the one turned towards our land. It was something to discover it. We now get to admire nature, the result of our hard work, and our kid playing, all in one view.IMG_5102


  • From one day to the next

    One day you’re finishing up the wall under a gorgeous skyIMG_7309

    the next day Winter shows up and makes nice days seem so far awayneigeIMG_7320

  • Shingling progress

    not super fast but it’s been hard to muster the resolve to spend a day on ladders. This is the hardest and biggest wall so it will be nice to have it finished.


  • Shingling exterior walls


    It’s hard to keep up with posting about all the projects going on this Summer. This one however is very satisfying to go through for it gives you an idea of how beautiful the house will look when it’s finished.

  • Shelving

    We were in such dire need of storage I didn’t even get to finish the shelves before they were filled. Having custom made shelves is amazingly efficient. I even cut around the 2x4s of the wall behind to gain 3.5″ which is a lot of room in a small house. The finish work is small and will likely happen in the next week to 30 years.


  • All right, all right, the stupid septic is in

    State mandated expense of $5500, I’ll avoid bitching too much about it but it’s hard to swallow for the expense and the lifestyle it enforces.

    Concentrate excretions in a huge tank buried where no one can see it.IMG_0002

    Scar your land with giant trenches dug by an excavator the size of your house.IMG_4957

    Replace your great soil with stones and plastic to process a few gallons of effluent. IMG_0010 IMG_0023

    Thankfully, Vermont abounds with great people. I rode the bucket down the tank pit 😀 I wouldn’t say that the ride was worth $5500 but maybe if I could drive the excavator a bit we’d be there. I got to decrease my bill and learn the ins and outs of my septic system by working alongside Eric & E.J.. I hope people like them never go away.


  • Building another house

    The sandbox is turning into quite the project.IMG_4271

  • Started staining cedar shingles

    The house will become beautiful this Summer.IMG_4062

  • House – plans

    Since the modifications I’m making to the house now are quite specific to our living arrangements, I’ve stopped updating the 3D model I made to design the house. I’ve also gained in confidence and experience such that I don’t need to do everything virtually before I grab a hammer.

    Before launching into this adventure, I spent a good deal of time online reviewing designs, techniques and best practices. In case this is useful to someone else I’m publishing the core design here. This design was critiqued over multiple iterations by many carpenters, builders, furniture makers & all around smart handymen.


    A few points:

    • it is very modular
    • a few features are specific to us
    • the gambrel design is balanced (every angle 22.5 and equal lengths)


    Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 22.21.36