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  • House – Sheathing, 2nd floor joist blocking & 2nd floor OSB

    Today saw an amazing push with help from Peter, Matt, Rich & Kevin. This was quite a crew and 3 daunting tasks were taken care of fast & well. Nicole & I are ever so grateful for the help we received today; it was a lot of work, a lot of support and it puts us right in front of being able to raise the frame of the second floor. There is nothing like seeing walls go up to strengthen building will.

    Sweet blocking!


    There’s a party on the 2nd floor


  • House – Finished 2nd floor joists & some sheathing

    The OSB isn’t attached to the 2nd subfloor yet but it’ll help prevent the tarp from sagging. It almost looks like a shelter!


  • House – 2nd floor progress

    Another 12h days, too tired for comments, just a bunch of pics.






  • House – All 4 walls are up!

    12h day with Mark & Jared helping get all 4 walls up!


    Raising a wall

    I fell off a ladder twice, thankfully not from much height. We clamped to no end to keep the wood straight.


    2 done, 2 to go.


    20:30, all 4 walls are up!


    I especially liked looking at the views through the windows’ rough openings


    The next day, somewhat protected from the impending storm with help from Peter.


     I also got a kick out of seeing the design I have been immersed in for months come to life. I’ll try to take better comparison shots.

    Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 16.02.52

  • House – Not a great day

    The Sun was beating on me all day and a fire broke out pretty close to our land. I had trouble finishing the OSB and barely got started on a wall. Tarping everything up for the night took for ever. Not a productive day.


  • House – Subfloor Framing



    Blocking is very time consuming; so is having to deal with uneven boards. Thanks to my boss Mark for taking his own time off to work 11 hours straight thus saving me time and mistakes made.

  • House – Support Built-Up Beam Anchoring

     Once again I spent hours measuring & leveling; the laser level has proven itself to be invaluable.


    To lift the beams up I used a technique I don’t know the name of but that I discovered watching this: link. This is no Stonehege but 3 2x8x16 with plywood sandwiched between is more than I can lift, this technique worked really well.



    Leveling, mesuring, hammering for 9 hours. The 2 heaviest parts of the house, piers & beams are up a month ahead of schedule.


  • House – Support Built-Up Beam Assembly

    Getting ready for fun


    Charging station


    Clamping left & right, not all 2x8x16s are created equals, it’s very hard to mitigate their imperfections.


    Helpers helping



    The inevitable was not evited.

    IMG_3663End of the day, 3 built-up beams ready. Next thing is to attach these monsters to the piers.



  • House – Pier Install Day

    Take it away Ken


    In spite of the batter boards & strings, it takes a very long time to get everything level and right where it needs to be.

    photo 2(1)

    I  love the fact that Ken doesn’t give a flying crap about liability and expects you to be in the hole & helping as he makes 750lb piers fly above your head. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Great & fun guy, knows his stuff too. “Uh oh Ben, we’re running out of piers.”

    photo 1(1)

    Filling it all back up & calling it a day


    Thanks to Matt for stopping by unexpectedly and helping for hours.