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  • Cool Duplo Project #30 – Giant non-rolling Wheel

    The best roundness achieved by taking advantage of the tolerance between juxtaposed bricks. (banana for reference)


    I felt like a ribosome working my way up a nucleotide chain


    Pictured bellow: said tolerance actively tolerating


    As anticipated it can’t support its own weight


  • Duplogrifier

    I’ve been wondering for a while if I could represent a picture with Duplo pixels in a way that would do it justice.

    Introducing the Duplogrifier!

    Duplogrifier will take any JPEG and turn it into an arrangement of 2×2 Duplo bricks. Now truth be told, the answer to my original question is “no”. There are not enough colors available and it would take a obscene amount of bricks to build something visually acceptable. However it leads to some fairly cool results.

    2015-04-15: added 6 more “pixel” colors.

    You can play with it here:

  • Cool Duplo Project #28 – The Tallest Duplo Tower in the World

    While this is not the tallest Lego tower in the World, I couldn’t find a taller Duplo Tower. Hence, I hereby proclaim this to be the Tallest Duplo Tower in the World. We can advertise this fact on the town signs to attract tourism “Home of the Tallest Duplo Tower in the World”. Tourists looooooove Duplo Towers.

    We actually built 3 of them, the tallest was approximately 5.3 meters (17.4′) high and weighed close to 5kg (11lb).


    The OCD is strong in this scene








    Tower 01

    I bumped into it while setting up the pull string : Sorry random guy who happened to stumble upon tower apocalypse.


    Tower 02

    The tallest & heaviest, unfortunately the felling method of yanking a feet out with the pull string did not produce the usual result of the tower leaning to its doom. Instead its weight made it come crashing straight down.


    Tower 03

    The last and successful attempt at a good fell :)

    Thank you

    to the helpers and the town’s elementary school


  • Cool Duplo Project #27 – Trebuchet

    We are dangerously entering the realm of projectiles.


    I MacGyver’d a sling with rubber bands & a rubber balloon.


    I’m helping the counterweight a bit since Duplos don’t have much mass; there is definitely room for improvement in other regards, the sling release specifically. currently it takes a few trials to get a good trajectory.

    Medieval warfare? More like Medieval fun times.

  • Cool Duplo Project – Another wheel



    Unexpected sillinessanother_wheel

    take 2; bends a bit but works well


  • Cool Duplo Project #23 – Slingshot

    Cheating with non-duplo parts (rubber bands).






    Just in case you wanted the Duplo pattern imprinted on parts of your body other than the bottom of your feet.