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  • Cemetery


    Ever since I saw it on the survey map, I’ve been curious to find this cemetery. It’s not on our land but right next to it.cemetery survey


    It’s tricky to find as it doesn’t stand out much from the rest of the forest. Lots of graves from the early 1800s, cool stuff!



  • The marketing dickweeds in action

    IMG_0282Making every effort to not lie while leaving enough ambiguity for your brain to read what it wants to read. But maybe what irritates me more is their implying that healthy food doesn’t taste delicious initially.

    DID YOU KNOW? When combined with actual healthy food, Skippy can help it not taste like shit while associating itself with its health benefits.

  • Words English speakers confuse frequently

    You’re your

    Than then

    duel dual

    Their They’re There

    course coarse

    affect effect

    bare bear

    principal principle

    capital capitol

    hanger hangar

    complement compliment

    advice advise

    waste waist

    allusive elusive

    will grow as I find more…

  • Summer in VT is pretty crazy

    weird noises, lightning bugs, thunderstorms and giant moths.

    Hey pssssssssst! Let me in! I want to snuggle. luna_moth



  • Why yes Amazon

    I wish to share my buying with all of facebook, twitter and email.

    Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 1.36.01 PMGUESS WHAT GUYS? I just bought a ‘PS2 Keyboard to USB Adapter’! That’s right! I bet you’re jonesing all the crap I buy.

    In all fairness I did just blog about it.

  • A liability of inheriting books from religious family members

    The cognitive dissonance is so strong with that one it took my brain minutes to accept what was going on. Trying to find every other possible explanations between the moment of surprise and the moment of acceptance.

    The classic replacing “trillions” by “thousands”.


    White-out can fix Satan’s science (no copyright, feel free to use this in your next advertisement campaign).


    Homo Erectus is getting a free upgrade & a skirt!


    Censorship: a tool that is always on the right side of history.

  • 3 years

    Is how long it took before he discovered the arcade is actually more than a piece of furniture. He is still figuring out the controls as he is used to the iPad where there is little to no indirection between the controls and the output.


  • Safe sex, beaconning through the night

    Hard to see but 2 condom vending machines are blinking away their presence on the side of a wall in the middle of the night.

    [flv: 640 426]