Fire & Ice

The struggle has begun and will continue on for the next 6 months.

Wood heat is the absolute best thing in the world, firing our Sweet Heart for the first time this year was cause for much celebration. We finally get to use the stove for canning. IMG_6867We pulled most of the tomatoes before the first frost of the year.


2nd time in less than 6 months

That we get hit with completely unforecast high winds; like last time, old timers tell me they’ve never seen something like this. We lost many trees, and among other things, the solar panels went flying. I will definitely take this new reality in consideration for future building projects.

The only photo taken during, it didn’t last very long but it was completely insane.


The aftermath, the forest is a mess of huge trees having domino’d on one another


Right at the edge of the field, looks like the storm has made some decisions for me.

IMG_5585Well fuckIMG_2797

Fortunately, none of the panels were cracked. We were back online on battery the same evening and I brought back 2/3rd of the panels the next morning (which is plenty in the Summer). I bought ground anchors and will modify the panel holders for more strength. It’s amazing they moved, they weight a ton.