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  • Shelving

    We were in such dire need of storage I didn’t even get to finish the shelves before they were filled. Having custom made shelves is amazingly efficient. I even cut around the 2x4s of the wall behind to gain 3.5″ which is a lot of room in a small house. The finish work is small and will likely happen in the next week to 30 years.


  • All right, all right, the stupid septic is in

    State mandated expense of $5500, I’ll avoid bitching too much about it but it’s hard to swallow for the expense and the lifestyle it enforces.

    Concentrate excretions in a huge tank buried where no one can see it.IMG_0002

    Scar your land with giant trenches dug by an excavator the size of your house.IMG_4957

    Replace your great soil with stones and plastic to process a few gallons of effluent. IMG_0010 IMG_0023

    Thankfully, Vermont abounds with great people. I rode the bucket down the tank pit 😀 I wouldn’t say that the ride was worth $5500 but maybe if I could drive the excavator a bit we’d be there. I got to decrease my bill and learn the ins and outs of my septic system by working alongside Eric & E.J.. I hope people like them never go away.


  • Gave the Sweet Heart a thorough clean up

    It served us very well throughout the Winter but it was hard to find a time to clean it up because it was always hot.IMG_0101 1

  • Potable verdict

    We just got the test results from the well, we can drink it :) This is huge for us. No more bottled water, almost a year in.

    The first glass of water we drank and are still alive to talk aboutIMG_0109

    Having a well is amazing and we are becoming quickly dependent on it. We use a lot more water because it’s easier to get. Watering the garden, longer showers, laundry, anything goes now :)

    Surprisingly efficient way to do laundry, and so much better than wasting time and money at the laundromatIMG_4681

    With the nice weather back and easier access to water, we’re enjoying luxurious showers.IMG_4682

    When we had just moved in, I noted there were 3 things our household didn’t support:  potable water, laundry and reliance on gas to power tools. The well allowed us to eliminate 2 of the 3, with the 3rd one still unlikely to go away anytime soon.

  • Morels

    We tried to find them for weeks to no avail. Finally Matt was kind enough to show us the spot where he had found them on our land.IMG_0086IMG_0096

  • Mad Max Lawnmower

    IMG_4788We bought a 2nd hand sacrificial lawnmower to drag over all the stumps left from the land reclamation. Bush hogging leaves them high enough to be very annoying so it’s time to accelerate the decomposing process. The lawnmower takes a beating in the process, I’m literally pulling it over 1″ to 2″ thick stumps as it jumps around.

  • First inspection

    IMG_4760They’re not raging but there’s brood and they’re happy.

  • Uncovering the Garlic

    They’re already doing great.IMG_4284

  • Building another house

    The sandbox is turning into quite the project.IMG_4271