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Category Archives: self sustainability

  • Blueberry Orchard

    Catching up with the myriad of projects we undertook this Summer, we planted a small blueberry orchard. It unfortunately didn’t take well and 40% of the twigs look dead. But the rest are good and we’ll keep replacing and growing it over the years. We got a whopping 10 blueberries out of it this year :) We expect to be drowning in the blue gold within 2 to 3 years.


  • Shingling progress

    not super fast but it’s been hard to muster the resolve to spend a day on ladders. This is the hardest and biggest wall so it will be nice to have it finished.


  • Fire & Ice

    The struggle has begun and will continue on for the next 6 months.

    Wood heat is the absolute best thing in the world, firing our Sweet Heart for the first time this year was cause for much celebration. We finally get to use the stove for canning. IMG_6867We pulled most of the tomatoes before the first frost of the year.


  • Just a weird colony this year

    I just can’t make sense of our bees this year. They were never raging but always strong, sometimes happy rarely mad. In spite of their effervescence the whole Summer, they never brought quite enough to stock up the whole hive. I’d sit and watch the entrance, seeing them go back and forth, but rarely with pollen attached to their legs. The whole time I’d wonder what they were up to outside if not gathering pollen.

    So I just don’t know what to make of them, they have some decent honey and I hope they’ll surprise me once more by making it through the Winter. I have to say that since we started producing maple syrup, I see the work to sweetness ratio a whole lot differently for bees.

    Cleaning shit up


    Capped honeyIMG_6746

    Robin stayed with me behind while Nicole did all the work 😀 His first time so close.


    We tried to extract 3 frames and we moved them close to the house for processing the next day. Unfortunately, the bees found them soon the next morning and a huge mess ensued with confused bees and humans. We just gave them back, for now…

  • Harvests

    As usual, we have more squash than we know what to do with and the tomatoes’ taste is way more intense than anything you’ll find in a store.IMG_5985

    Because we get loads of everything every day, we started a little farm stand. It won’t make us rich, but it’s fun and lets us try the waters of something that we are hoping to develop a bit.


  • Garlic Harvest

    We pulled the 200 heads we planted last October; they did great and were very easy to take care of. 200 heads at 8 cloves per head is 1600 cloves total. Of which 200 will go back to Peter who gave us our start, 600 will go back into the ground for next year and finally 800 will go in our bellies.