The light at the end of the tunnel

I have been pushing hard for days to get to a point where we can start using the new space. I can see that the rough construction is almost over and that things get easier from then on. In fact, I can see that I will never push as hard as I did these past couple of years. This Summer has been incredible in that the land and the house are really taking shape into the dream we are pursuing. And also because we know the hardest is behind us after more than 2 years of ruthless efforts. And so, while it’s psychologically very hard to muster the resolve to spend days working to exhaustion on ladders in the Sun, I also know this is the last such sacrifice I’ll be doing. Future projects will have a much saner rhythm to them because our livelihood will not depend on them. It is with the knowledge that it only gets easier from this that I plowed through 5 more days of construction.

To finish the sheathing of the second floor I’ve received help from Chris & Lou. Bringing 4’x8′ half inch sheet of wood up ladders is both tricky & tough. Both Chris & Lou are experienced carpenters, I’ve learned a whole lot from them, including how to make this hard task as easy as possible. They showed me many other tricks.

It kind of looks like a bunker without windows.IMG_1144


Insulation & vapor barrier, it’s a very nice feeling to start thinking about the inside.IMG_7188

An addition to the family

Of wood stoves. This little Alpiner will be in charge of the house addition although it will probably not be hooked up to a chimney before next year.

The tractor is once again proving itself invaluable. The front loader fits right in the truck within 0.5″.IMG_1091

My new hobby: taking wood stoves for a ride.IMG_1094

After an hour of trying various techniques, Justin & I give up for the day. The stove is just too heavy to get up the steps.stove_push

It’ll sit outside until next time.IMG_1131

Take 2, with a come-along. Same awesome tool I used to move 2 trees a while back.IMG_1141

Easy as pie.IMG_7197

I love the Alpine landscape decoration.IMG_1146