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  • IPv6 link-local address to MAC address online converter

    The converter

    It can also be addressed directly via:
    for all your API needs.


    This converter was implemented per Dave Russell’s suggestion as a follow up to the MAC address to IPv6 link-local address online converter. If you are interested in the steps behind this conversion, they are simply a reverse of the original Mac->IPv6 converter.

    Please note that of the various IPv6 notations, the one this script will expect is fe80::xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx.

  • Getting a well drilled

    Unfortunately not a whole lot of water at 300ft. We’ll see where static is tomorrow and decide if we go deeper.IMG_3600

    Very impressive piece of machineryIMG_3597Not a very green process.

  • Swoosh

    It’s hard to tell what happened last night, let’s just say we felt like the roof was going to be ripped from the house. We felt every gust of wind move the house, I have never experienced anything like it. We slept downstairs with the windows covered that’s how bad it was. Everything was a mess outside the following morning including things I never thought could be brought down by the wind.

    No bees in it yet thankfully.


    Fuck you wind! Not the outside shower!IMG_3519

    I ended up outside in the middle of it to weight down a couple of things, it was surreal. Today at town meeting, I’ve talked with other people from our hill who experienced the same crazy night.

  • The little evaporator that could

    We fired our 2’x3′ Mason evaporator for our first boil ever. We boiled ~80 gallons in 12 hours. We’ve learned lots of lessons and will have to make several improvements to our current setup. It’s still very cool that we are now able to produce more than enough maple syrup to cover our family’s yearly consumption.FullSizeRender(2)


    The smell is great

    2016-02-29 21_51_57

    Boiling well into the night

    IMG_3491We still need to finish the syrup on our cookstove, filter it, and can it.

  • Remove all Exif data from JPEGs recursively

    Because I always spend 20 minutes googling it

    apt-get update && apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl
    find /var/www -type f -iname *.jpg -exec exiftool -all= {} \;
  • Found a small spring

    springI’ll keep an eye on it through the Summer. It could prove very useful down the road.

  • Porcupine still around

    We also found tons of pine twigs on the ground. Maybe we’ll meet one day.IMG_3330

  • First year sugaring

    Beautiful day for new beginnings.IMG_3212

    The biggest Maple we’re tapping, 3 buckets all to itself.IMG_3278Sap came right out, it was an exhilarating experience.IMG_3248We’re doing a birch tree out of curiosity.IMG_3304The next day.IMG_3393

    Of course we had “plumbing” issues and had to prop a storage tank up to avoid leakage of the precious fluid.

    IMG_3395We pulled ~50 gallons the first 24 hours. We’re scrambling to finish getting the evaporator ready; fortunately, the following days saw a lot less sap flow which will let us finish getting our last few ducks in a row.

  • Humbling cold

    Nights bellow -20°C are forecast for the next few days and I happen to be home alone. It’s humbling to be solely responsible for keeping warm. All the evening chores are mine too.

    Getting the shower ready

    1. break the ice in little pieces

    who needs Minecraft?

    IMG_29862. Scoop out the little pieces with a milk crate (holes to let water through make it easier)IMG_30193. Let things settle for clear water

    IMG_30254. Fill pots


    5. Apply heatIMG_3165IMG_3169

    Before dusk I gave the chicken a path to their food to stretch their legs and fill up one last time before a long night.

    IMG_3026They also got home delivered warm water.


    I really hope they’ll be all right.

    Should be enough wood for the night, emergency fire starter kit included.IMG_3164

    I “ran” electricity to the house for convenience. I’ll do it right when the ground thaws but in the meantime this will make so we don’t have to worry so much about charging and going outside to do so.