Traveling Wood

With decent snow, a new chainsaw, a large sled and the recently discovered “tire splitting” technique, we’ve been amassing a large quantity of wood.

Here’s what getting it home looks like, I’ve been working on 4 poplars which domino’d onto one another during the last surprise wind storm.

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The sled & ATV combo is also a great way to move children around.

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Kettle to the metal

We’ve been having static electricity problem in the house so we decided to take humidification seriously. Pots filled with water on the stove tend to be noisy so it was time to go legit with an actual kettle.

Friends gave us this great deviceIMG_1948

one vinegar bath later, it’s back in business.IMG_7957We haven’t had static electricity issues since the kettle came online, unlike its modern counterparts, it will never break.