The Secret World of Leaves

Some sort of eggs under a zucchini leaf.


There’s a Japanese party at the currant plant.


I have no idea what is going on there, at a first glance, it looks like ants are gathering sunflower seeds (this is a sunflower plant); yet upon closer inspection, other insects are involved and and the seed looking things could be their cocoons. Maybe some aphids the ants are raising?


I found several of these neatly folded birch trees leaves. Some halfway done and tied up with some web. I opened one up but whatever natural cycle this is was already over and there was nothing in there but refuse of some sort. I love the idea that some insect is making a little sleeping bag with available material.


Petals are leaves come on, a bumble bee got in and the other insect decided it wasn’t welcome in that flower any longer.

Slow-mo Bird Song

I love recording birds in slow-mo to hear the complexity of their calls. My brain can’t process them at actual speed.

Snake on a food coma

I kicked this guy out from under the outside shower, it was incredibly hard to get it moving. Then I noticed the bump on his body, thank you for taking care of rodents snake bro.