Popping rocks out of the ground

I’ve been hitting a bunch of rocks with the mowers all Summer long. A few minutes with a tractor are all it takes to pop them out. I’m very happy to see these guys go. Except one which is too massive to go anywhere, I just put the soil back on it and pretended like nothing happened.


Hard time taking pictures of the process, we’re at 15 gallons of cider, 5 of which are now laced with the inebriating nectar of the gods :). We followed an extremely simple farm recipe, the cider is good but not great. The 2 gallons with honey tasted best, maple syrup left no particular taste but did make the cider a little stronger. Good stuff!


Every batch labeled with a picture for the story of the tree it came from.

“Old man’s arch”, “Maple ghost moon”, Honey third from the left” are all there.