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  • The hive is a lighthouse

    The hive helped me find my way back home from the forest on more than one occasion. On an unrelated note, I ordered a borescope to see if the bees are still alive. If they are, I will built another top bar hive for next season for sure. If not I’ll have to consider what to do.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live in a city anymore

    Waking up to freaking paintings does not get old.

  • Stacking wood is art

    I feel like I’m creating something new every time. Or maybe I just have too much time on my hands.

  • Hive & a ton more snow

    I’m thinking about getting a snake scope to see if there’s any activity in there. I couldn’t hear anything by sticking my ear to the hive but they’ve slowed down so much I didn’t really expect to.

  • Generic English (U.S.) words and their sexual uses

    One phenomenon that is extremely confusing for non-native English speakers is how the most generic words can be used to mean something sexual. Whenever I speak I’m a a state of second guessing what I’m saying.

    • Do

    As in “I did her”. Do you have any idea how prevalent “do” is? It took me years to master it; getting all of its nuances is a true test of English mastery. The last thing it needs is a sexual meaning that is so easy to let out in the most benign conversations.

    • Have

    As inĀ  “I’ll have her”. This one is actually hard to confuse with other uses of “have” as you rarely talk about a person belonging to another in any other context. But that’s a crazy common word.

    • Sleep with

    As in “I slept with her”. Did you have sex or did you just sleep in the same bed? Better not sleep in the same room as family or the conversation will be filled with incestuous innuendos.

    • Come

    “Ben, we’re leaving!” “I’m coming!” Does this mean I’m arriving now or later? God only knows.

    • Cock/Caulk

    If you are a gun enthusiast handyman raising poultry, don’t even try, find synonyms. These guys are pretty context specific but there are multiples of which they fit and as a result, they tend to show up a lot.


    Now to be fair, the only other language I’m intimate with (French) has some of the same sexual meanings associated with generic words, but they are fewer and formulated in a way that removes any ambiguity.


    Did I miss any?


  • Chicken patio

    Seems like Rhode Island Reds refuse categorically to have anything to do with the snow. I kinda felt bad that they were staying inside all day so I made them a little patio with the help of my sister. It’s removable and will be extended upon next season.

  • Hive & snow

    I hope they’re warm enough.

  • A little bit of Cold War era nostalgia

    A small town fallout shelter in the basement of a Vermont library. I may have played too many post-apocalyptic video games because I have an odd fascination for this stuff.