Made it to the Other Side

It doesn’t look like much, but it took a lot of moving big rocks and big trees to get to this little bridge:

Ever since we moved to the land, we’ve tried to get access to beyond the stream with the ATV, and later the tractor. A good 70% of the land is beyond the stream and it’s the 70% with the most trees. Being able to get there with the ATV means a lot of easy pickings for firewood. We also would like to build a little retreat of a cabin up there, far from everything.

This little bridge allows for glorious moments of trail blazing such at this:

We are actually very close to being able to close a nice loop of trails around the land. We’ll try to make a push for it this year but they will take several more to be nice trails, most are currently pretty rough.


Adding a few every year, I didn’t see it coming. But it turns out we planted our 100th blueberry plant this year for a grand total of 107. They’re all still fairly small but they’re growing exponentially and it’s clear that we’ll have an overabundance in a year or 2.

Feeling Wealthy in Uncertain Times

We just received a massive pile of compost, behind this is a massive pile of wood chips. Both of which are gold for growers, and so we get to be generous with our plants.

We ordered 18 yards of compost, I learned another completely insane measure: the yard. The amount of hand waving I see when talking about yards is peculiar. Trying to make sense of it online yields the same written hand waving. A cubic yard is a cubic yard, let’s consider ourselves lucky it’s cubic and not using the 11th dimension.

Here’s one thing I love about the U.S. system of measures, it encourages generosity. Because no one has but a vague idea what a cord, a bushel, or a yard is, we over-give to make sure we gave enough.


We received the plants we ordered this year. As always we’ll grow our operation a little. They’ll go in the ground as soon as tomorrow. 7 more fruit trees and a bunch more berries.


I built more proper shelves in the green house, Nicole is growing the garden significantly. Everything is about to explode in growth.