Sugarhouse Construction Push

All the rafters are done, tomorrow I’ll go after the cupola and do as much blocking as I can.


Vapor hole

Found a Monarch chrysalis, I’ll have to keep an eye on it in the next few days

Another culvert

Our land is really starting to look up this year. We’re steadily pursuing various improvement projects as we expand the range of our management.

Rock harvest

He’s really good at backhoeing, and he absolutely loves it.

We’ll need a rain or 2 before final adjustments

Monstrous Maple

A great gift from our neighbors, they had it felled by professionals as it was menacing their house. All I had to to was show up and buck it up, which still took a full day.  Several limbs were the same size of the full trees I usually go after. I had to move the main trunk logs with the tractor, splitting them will be a whole other matter.