Flowering marsh, a nascent swim hole & the incredible prospect of getting the tractor over the stream

Our land has an enormous marsh running through it, seeing it in bloom is quite the spectacle.

Out of nowhere, we got carried away playing with the water flow. We always had the idea to make a little swim hole and a bridge and it all seemed so far away until we went for it.

We funneled the water existing the marsh, it makes crossing the stream much easier and will allow for a small sediment pool before the swim hole. The most amazing part of this endeavor is that we can see for the first time how we’ll be able to take the tractor beyond the stream. The majority of our land has been hardly accessible by vehicles, taking a tractor to the other side means much better paths, which means plenty of easy access to wood, ability to build in more isolated areas and so much more. This is quite exiting.

There is still a lot of work to be done to make this a quaint place to cool off on the hot days.

Ice blocks for the fridge

Taking advantage of some very cold nights to make some ice for the fridge. Big blocks like these keep through a few warm days. Eventually we’ll want a way to make a lot more ice and a place to keep it underground, the hope it that it would keep through the Summer.



IMG_7980We cut pieces with a hatchet.

So far so good

The Bison hand pump is holding up pretty well to very cold weather and so is the underground overflow. The greenhouse definitely helps and has withstood fierce winds recently.