Bad Years & Mast Years

It’s a pretty bad apple year and it’s likely we won’t be making cider. However it is a mast year for acorns, filling up a bag is as easy a taking a walk in the woods. In the spirit of going along with what nature decides, we’re trying acorn flour this year.

In the newly reinstalled greenhouse

Acorns are drying

We have no idea what to expect from this.

The Exponentiality is Starting to Show

Year 4 of the blueberry orchard, the plants finally look like more than a twig in the ground. The first year going from 1 branch to 2 isn’t particularly exiting even though the plant doubles in mass, this year on the other hand was remarkable in the growth they took. We pick up a large bowl every day, we eat berries copiously and have some left. Next year we’ll have enough for this and canning.