Winter Fun

The kids don’t need to ask twice, I absolutely love riding and hearing giggles the whole time.


He discovered doughnuts.

The gifs came out a little faster than the actual actions, we’re not that reckless, we hope to remain wreckless.

First year on the ice and she’s doing quite well already.


Our family is a net positive on the ice.

Winter Wonder

Work from Home = Work from a Snowglobe

Soon to be used sugarhouse & blue jays.


Trogdor was a boat. I mean he was a snow fort dragon boat.

Girls help the weakest, boy throws himself over the wood piles and eats snow unconcerned by others.

Blue Jays in Force

An interesting thing about the birdfeeder is how birds species time share on it. Blue Jays, when they descend on it, will take over all the surrounding trees. Several dozens of them raiding the feeder for 20 minutes. None of them were there before, none left after. They act as a group, are punctual, and expedient.