Not the best sap year

We only had 1 good week of sap flow this year, and only boiled 1 batch. It just wasn’t a maple syrup year. We still made 5 gallons which is enough for our family’s yearly consumption, and we still have 2 gallons left from last year. We’ve been experimenting with making granulated sugar with it. Last year we tried maple candy, and that was delicious but it was a lot of work. Granulated is much easier to make and to substitute in recipes. We will try to ramp up our sap production next year.

It’s cleanup time.


The loot

Leaching the Acorns

We’re finally processing some of the acorns we gathered last fall, they’re really super dry by now as they have been receiving stove heat the whole winter. I’m not going to pretend to explain what I don’t yet understand well, but essentially they sit in water for several days to leach the tannins and not be bitter. Shelling them really wasn’t that bad.