UV Ink Experiment

One advantage of a drawing machine working with coordinates is that it does not need to see what it draws.

Under the blue light


I bought a fountain pen with a refillable cartridge, and some UV ink.


The UV ink is invisible to the naked eye but the pen did leave trails on the paper.


PlottyBot is born

Years in the making, many prototypes, and I hope a software stack which brings novelty and ease of use to the world of pen plotting. It’s been a marathon building the final version and documenting the process carefully. I’m too pooped to say anything more about it for now.

Instructions here

Fort Awesome

Erected 2020 to ward off the hordes of diseased flatlanders coming to Vermont.

I wish I could say this is exceptional but the truth of the matter is that we have 2 more forts and they get a little more crazy every year. The problem is that I’ve realized I can move a lot of snow strategically with the tractor.