Adding a few every year, I didn’t see it coming. But it turns out we planted our 100th blueberry plant this year for a grand total of 107. They’re all still fairly small but they’re growing exponentially and it’s clear that we’ll have an overabundance in a year or 2.

Feeling Wealthy in Uncertain Times

We just received a massive pile of compost, behind this is a massive pile of wood chips. Both of which are gold for growers, and so we get to be generous with our plants.

We ordered 18 yards of compost, I learned another completely insane measure: the yard. The amount of hand waving I see when talking about yards is peculiar. Trying to make sense of it online yields the same written hand waving. A cubic yard is a cubic yard, let’s consider ourselves lucky it’s cubic and not using the 11th dimension.

Here’s one thing I love about the U.S. system of measures, it encourages generosity. Because no one has but a vague idea what a cord, a bushel, or a yard is, we over-give to make sure we gave enough.


We received the plants we ordered this year. As always we’ll grow our operation a little. They’ll go in the ground as soon as tomorrow. 7 more fruit trees and a bunch more berries.


I built more proper shelves in the green house, Nicole is growing the garden significantly. Everything is about to explode in growth.

Trenching for Fiber

In preparation for a fiber drop, I buried conduit from the pole to the solar shed. I had never done anything like this before, adding to the long list of skills I’m happy to have.


The part in the woods was super hard, I tried to do it by hand but there was no going through the roots. I ended up chainsawing a path for the tractor. With this and some crazy maneuvering, the trench was dug.

The tractor was invaluable to the operation. It always blows my mind how hard it is to move dirt by hand.