Thermosiphon Butterflies

The thermosiphon has been proving itself this whole Winter. It’s quickly becoming one of the best features of our house design and it’s not hard to imagine why. 100% passive & efficient air circulation taking heat from the stove to every nook and cranny of the house. No power, no fan, no duct.

As a bonus, it animates decorative butterflies. Now I don’t really care about the butterflies; I only like seeing them as an indicator of the free work our house is giving us. They’re a great analog anemometer.

2 oaks right where I wanted them

They shared a trunk and didn’t have many healthy branches left. I layed them on the marsh which is a very nice flat surface to work on these days.

So flat that we made quick work of picking up a sled full of oak shavings for the compost pile.