I finally caught a glimpse of Jersey shore


I have a TV in a hotel I’m staying at so I thought I’d get caught up on popular culture. Needless to say the picture is rather grim: 24/7 news channels blowing everything out of proportion, incessant aggressive advertising and the few rather intellectual channels just aren’t very dense.

And then there’s MTV’s Jersey shore… To say that this show is stupid is far from enough. I remember a time when what came out of MTV was a message of provocative anti-conformity with for example Nirvana and Beavis & Butthead. Now even late at night it’s all about mindless consumerism, irresponsibility, self-importance and so much more frivolous shit.

But rest assured, the undermining of women that is present in most music videos nowadays is not in Jersey shore. This is due to the fact that the male characters are also dumb as lobotomized monkeys.

It’s painful to watch even just to make fun of.

Bear encounters

Taken from Utah’s Hunter Education class:


Bluff charge? Bears know how to lie?

So remember kids,

– grizzly: don’t even try, drop on the ground and try not to look too tasty.


– black bear: FIGHT BACK!