An addition to the family

Of wood stoves. This little Alpiner will be in charge of the house addition although it will probably not be hooked up to a chimney before next year.

The tractor is once again proving itself invaluable. The front loader fits right in the truck within 0.5″.IMG_1091

My new hobby: taking wood stoves for a ride.IMG_1094

After an hour of trying various techniques, Justin & I give up for the day. The stove is just too heavy to get up the steps.stove_push

It’ll sit outside until next time.IMG_1131

Take 2, with a come-along. Same awesome tool I used to move 2 trees a while back.IMG_1141

Easy as pie.IMG_7197

I love the Alpine landscape decoration.IMG_1146

New inverter

The old inverter I bought second hand for $20 bit the dust. In part due to my lack of cable strain relief which created contact between ground and negative, oops :\ lessons learned. I bought this new guy which works so much better I think the old one was on the way out anyway. I especially love the fact it comes with a remote start/stop. Since we rarely use 110AC and the solar shed is 50′ from the house, it’s perfect to remove phantom loads. It’s not like we remember to ever turn it off, but we can 🙂


Time consuming

Throughout building the addition, an inordinate amount of time was spent joining is to the existing structure. This is compounded when reaching the roof. This critical part where to roof lines join was done, redone and re-redone to satisfaction. Here having been demolished for the 2nd time.