Too little time for detailed updates

Had to deal with a freak storm.IMG_6478

Finishing the 2nd sublfoorIMG_0363


Blocking is like weeding, there’s always more of it.


IMG_6613 2

New load, the boom truck is borked so we’ll have to move this all up by hand. IMG_0476

More destruction, took forever with the roof in the way.IMG_0390

Building high off the ground can give you an interesting experience of the sky. A mix of being on a boat and ascending to the heavens.IMG_0411

More bird feeder news

This helpless woodpecker fledgling & his mom have been visiting the bird feeder. He always has a feather sticking out awkwardly and doesn’t move around so well. He bumped into our window and couldn’t figure out how to eat from the feeder while his face was literally stuck in the feed. He’s the goofy little woodpecker, his mom does all the work.