Slow motion finch

I had this guy hover in front of my window many times one day, I thought he was trying to come inside but Rich pointed out he probably saw his reflection and was trying to pick a fight with it. Come to think of it, I had seen it chase another finch earlier.bird

Bringing the bird feeder this close to the big window has been nothing short of amazing, we call it “watching the big TV” and Robin’s been very much into it.

3 on the same feeder

IMG_0066 3

Don’t miss the hummingbird

IMG_0132 3

2nd subfloor framing almost done

The platform for the stairs joins the vertical beam holding the subfloor. Through the magic of computer models, everything lines up perfectly. I never need to make calculations as I build, I cut where the 3D model tells me and I check to make sure I’m true to it. This is particularly useful for angles, I’ve impressed seasoned carpenters by laying all the pieces of a wall full of angles trusting they’ll all fit together in the end.

IMG_0162 3vertical beamIMG_0219 1