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Category Archives: self sustainability

  • Turkey

    I trailed them for 90 minutes on the worst terrain (these bushy woods in the back), 2 missed shots & 1 lost arrow later, a clean shot was very rewarding. Turkeys are very elusive, getting within bow range is tough.

    Sorry buddy

  • Food reserves for the Winter

    Not enough for a family but definitely a step in the right direction. All our harvests.

  • Tunbridge World Fair 2012, ribon loot

    No “best in show” but not too shabby for a first year.

  • New toy :D

    [flv: 688 387]

  • Plastic foundation integration

    This is what my hack looks like as it is being assimilated by the bees.

  • Everything is back under control in the hive

    The unfortunate effect that I had in the hive by trying to fix things and enforce straight comb drawing had me pretty pessimistic about the chances of my bees this winter. Everything was completely disorganized with brood and honey in random places, way too many drones and barely any honey.

    The lesson I learned is that the hive is self healing and surprisingly so. Today’s ¬†inspection was an amazing discovery of their capacity to adjust. They reorganized all the frames, gathered some very good honey reserves late in the season and have a very healthy population.

    And the best part is that the approach of enforcing straight comb drawing with plastic foundation every other frame worked! It’s still not an ideal scenario to have plastic in my “natural” top bar hive but it definitely takes care of the problem and I still get half of the frames 100% built by the bees.

  • Fall is around the corner

    And it seems like we barely started harvesting. Growing season sure is short in New England. Cold frames & greenhouses definitely need to be part of any serious growing effort around here.

  • Dragon #4 – First Premium at the Tunbridge World’s Fair!

    Among other things, I entered a dragon at the craft section of the Tunbridge World’s Fair. Here it is in all its glory.

  • Chicken Coop!

    It’s been over a year since our move away from the city and we’re finally getting back into chickens. Things take time, starting fresh at the other end of the country doesn’t happen overnight. We only got 5 layers¬† as we’re pretty late in the season, we’ll start meat birds next spring.

    The coop still needs some polish and a window but here it is in all its current glory:

    With a bunch of Rhode-Island Reds

    Works for toddlers as well

    As with the beehive, I drafted everything on Google Sketchup and it made building it completely devoid of surprises. The plan can be downloaded here.

  • Harvest!

    We’re finally getting some decent harvests! Everyday brings new vegetables & canning season is ramping up with tomatoes just around the corner…