For All its Imperfections

The house is still very unfinished 8½ years in, but it’s also gotten to be incredibly cozy during the cold months. It’s only ever gotten better over the years, while we slowly forgot what a regular house is like. I know we crave wood heat when we go somewhere it’s not used. We just bought a new stove, a real fancy clean burning one and I’m very much looking forward to using it although it’ll be likely at the end of Winter that we finally get it. To get a clean air tax incentive we were asked for a propane bill or electric bill, they’ll have to do without, things are too perfect where they are. It is putting it mildly to say that we were shaped by our living arrangements, in many ways I feel like the transformation we sought years ago is complete.

Winter Has Arrived

Not before the first few frosts.

Not before rocks were skipped on the first pond ice.

Not before walks in the woods.

And not before wood piles took over the porch.

We say goodbye to color until next spring.

Twice Borne

At some point every July we say goodbye to raspberries until next year. It’s a little sad because they hit first and they’re the best, but we’ve got other berries to keep us happy.

This year some of the plants decided to bear twice! We seem to recall some had this in their description, and I guess the season’s been long enough this year that they went for it. It’s a bit surreal to be brought back to the joys of early Summer at the very end of the season when everything is done and being put the bed for Winter. They taste just as good too.