Buckets are Up

We upgraded the buckets significantly this year. The metal buckets were old, second hand, and I hear some old metal buckets might use a lead based solder. I don’t know if those do but the noxious idea is enough, they’re out. Maybe we’ll keep a few that look newer and in good shape. So microplastics it is! We tried aluminum buckets and they aren’t practical at all, but the few plastic ones we had worked well. Esther & I went to hang 50 of them in our usual tapping spots. Robin wasn’t able to hike this treacherous terrain with crutches, and he was very much bummed to miss out on the tapping action. It’s a big deal here.

The cat came with us, she too can tell Spring is around the corner.

Scrub scrub

Cleaning up everything to get ready for 2024’s sugaring season, which seems to be a bit later than the mid-february start we’ve gotten used to.

Flue scrub

Tank scrub

9 Gallons

That’s the verdict for Sugaring 2022. I’ve heard that the sugar content in the sap wasn’t very high this year, and I believe it. I was surprised at how little syrup we got for how much we boiled. Another thing we’ve been told is that the later sap runs were “buddy”, meaning that the taste is a bit off from the trees budding. Except they weren’t actually budding so that is this year’s peculiarity. Nothing to complain about though, it’s been a good year.