Monster Plots

I did another couple of big plots in a public space with more people frequenting it this time of the year. It was nice to see how well received the installation was. I loved blending in the crowd and hearing what people had to say about it.

Portraits work really well with this format. They add a great slowly unfolding presence in a big room.

I did a deer first, but I messed up the paper. It’s very difficult to move paper this big without damaging it. I’ve perfected the dance at least. I gave it to someone before I took a final picture of it.

The home plotter also keeps chugging along, I have it draw anything that ends up on the big public one as a preliminary test. (Mandala by Hava Edelstein)

For the Sake of Completeness

It finished, 5 days total, looks awesome. Now I need to figure out what to do with such a big canvas, I don’t have a wall big enough for it at home.

With this successful test behind, I pause for a bit until the place becomes busier in the fall. I’ll try various experiments then.

Finish Line in Sight

3 Days of uninterrupted work, it probably needs 2 more. Things have been going well so far, I’m starting to believe it’ll finish without a hitch. I’m swapping pens strategically so they don’t run out.

The cool software I used for this one yields cool artifacts when it renders.