Currant Inspection

It’s shaping up to be a good year in the orchard. I rarely post about growing plants because it’s all Nicole these days. I’ll have to try to do justice to everything she put in the ground this year, let’s just say the garden more than tripled in size.

Chasing Fireflies

This was Esther’s first time seeing them, she couldn’t believe it. One of the great privileges of parenthood is to witness kids discover the world.

More Subfloor

I finished blocking and attaching to the house the 2 subfloors.

The 24’x12′ section weight a ton so I booped it in place with the tractor.

Checking for level, perfect!

Checking for square, could be better… The original 2015 tiny house and the 2017 addition aren’t perfectly orthogonal and so I have to find some compromises.

I started making trips to the lumber yard to get the next steps lined up. I’m going to try to insulate the subfloor right away from the top as opposed to crawling under later and doing it against gravity which is always tedious and miserable.

And after many, many screws and nails it all tightly made one with the existing structure. I want this to be solid, I tend to overkill fastening.