I built a website for running experiments in collaborative drawing. It’s pretty neat and I’m not going to describe it just yet, but in the process of testing it, I threw at it all kinds of plots I had at the tip of my fingers, and it yielded some pretty cool results.

I may have here my next plotting streak: microplots. Some look predictably bad as they were meant as stress tests, but some came out well enough to make me curious.

More to come on all this soon…

Made it to the Other Side, again

A couple of years ago we built a small bridge that let me take the ATV to the other side of the land. I was just able to take the tractor over it, after 7 years of pushing for it.

I’ve been working on trails back there, and the tractor will be a huge help. Not only that, but I’ve also been able to take the ATV with the big trailer up the hills, loaded with lumber. This means we can start considering building there. I wish I had more time for this, trail building is just fun. Alas, it competes with more important projects.