Nosy Monster… & Pals!

The Nosy Monster was revamped and given a couple of friends for the occasion of the 2019 Thayer School of Engineering Open House.

Introducing: Nosy Monster,  Croc Dundee, and Later Gator

The idea of piloting a rover through a maze happened serendipitously last year, as a cobbled together Nosy Monster driven by relays was an extra to the booth I was running. I figured it’d run until it broke and that’d be that. It turned out to be very popular when I realized I could throw it in the messy room next door and send it “to Mars”. Kids had a blast and it was a huge hit.

I improved handling further this year by purchasing a few L298Ns. These things are the best thing since sliced bread. I still intend on documenting the build at some point in the near future. The rovers gained speed control, back direction, and much better turning.

Keeping with what we know works well, we built an actual Mars themed maze in a messy room

Test run

Fish lens giving a 3rd person view to better gauge obstacles

No pictures from the event unfortunately, it was just too busy.

The Porcupine is dead, long live the Porcupine!

Dead animal warning.

Robin stumbled upon our much cherished porcupine in the woods… It was the land’s mascot, had just come out of one more tough Winter, we thought it was made of steel, and that it would outlive us all. Tough to tell what happened to it, I’m not even sure what porcupines can die of besides old age.

We’ll set the trail cam back on it’s house to see what’s going on there now.