GPIO 2 Inverter

I figured out a way to turn our inverter on and off with a Pi so I can leave it off when Winter forces us to be frugal. It takes a little more than an amp hour just sitting there doing nothing, so I do like to turn it off. This capability will serve to automate the fridge in the future, before I do that though, I need to figure out a way to bring cold air from the outside into it. The idea is to have a logic which looks at outside temperature, solar status, and fridge temperature to decide if we just turn it on or if we can simply (and for less electricity) fan in cold air from the outside.

Running a fridge on the coldest months, when solar power is scarce, is doubly absurd.

At the junction of I.T. & homesteading – continued


Figuring out a good repeatable & maintainable way to deploy Pi Zeros.IMG_7684

My favorite project screws in action.IMG_7693

The boxes I picked a very tight and leave no room for any other hardware.IMG_7694

I made a hole for a cable gland which is very helpful for cable strain relief, removing friction on sharp edges and making a right cable entryway.IMG_7695

This little guy is only monitoring temperature, I’ll need a bigger box for the greenhouse device as it needs a bit more hardware.IMG_7746