Whole New World

I’ve been using our newly earned trail access to get some fire wood. There’s just a ton of really good downed trees, ready to be picked. The few times we hiked up there I’d see them all and be bummed I couldn’t get to them. I feel like I’m logging in a whole new place, everything is different. the trees, the topology, being more remote, the feeling of the forest. I just walk around and start sawing where the heart tells me, it’s awesome. No real decision to be made.

How about a nice pre-felled maple?

This one was actually a bit far from the trail, but thanks to the magic of gravity, I didn’t have to carry logs the whole way.

All this awesome potential, now within reach, I can’t wait to go back.


I pushed trails a little this Summer. They’re starting to be very usable, not just barely accessible with the ATV.

Following them from our house takes you to quaint places in the Forest. We are starting to dream of a secluded cabin now that we have access.

Thank you Jared for the drone pics :).