Chicken Coop!

It’s been over a year since our move away from the city and we’re finally getting back into chickens. Things take time, starting fresh at the other end of the country doesn’t happen overnight. We only got 5 layers  as we’re pretty late in the season, we’ll start meat birds next spring.

The coop still needs some polish and a window but here it is in all its current glory:

With a bunch of Rhode-Island Reds

Works for toddlers as well

As with the beehive, I drafted everything on Google Sketchup and it made building it completely devoid of surprises. The plan can be downloaded here.


We’re finally getting some decent harvests! Everyday brings new vegetables & canning season is ramping up with tomatoes just around the corner…


There is a new evil in the land, and its name is Manduca Sexta, or horn worm for us mortals. These fat slimy caterpillars have started pillaging our tomato plants.

One of them bastards getting fat at our expense, what a cool pattern though, especially the eye.

All they leave behind are the skeletons of what were once beautiful tomato plants

We’ve been squashing them left and right but they keep coming and their camouflage is extremely effective. It looks as though spraying with an organic compound referred to as “BT” is the solution to our problem.