Web Omnipresence with Docker, VPN & Squid proxying

Here’s a method for having several browser windows proxying through several countries concurrently.


Working Principle


  • a VPN service supporting OpenVPN as a client (this example uses vpntunnel)
  • Docker
  • Firefox
  • MacOS isn’t a requirement per se but this guide & accompanying scripts are written for it.

Setup Steps

  1. Download this package containing Dockerfile build instructions & some scripts.
  2. Populate the directory “openvpn_config_files/” with the ovpn files from the VPN service you use.
  3. Edit the script called “vpn” and replace <VPN_SERVICE_USERNAME> and <VPN_SERVICE_PASSWORD> with your username and password.
  4. Run with “./omnipresence.sh <name_of_ovpn_file>”

2 oaks right where I wanted them

They shared a trunk and didn’t have many healthy branches left. I layed them on the marsh which is a very nice flat surface to work on these days.

So flat that we made quick work of picking up a sled full of oak shavings for the compost pile.