Recursive Drawing Sneak Peek

I’ve been working on implementing recursive drawing into Mandalagaba. There are many, many tunables which can be implemented to facilitate recursive drawing. It’s tricky to pick the ones which make for a fun drawing experience. One of the effects that I seek in particular is that of a growing plant.


I fell into a rabbit hole perusing Michael Fogleman’s awesome projects: the one which really caught my eye is Primitive which reconstructs images using primitive shapes. It’s implemented with a whole lot of parameters to play with, the results are captivating.

I scripted a way to have it infuse its magic into a short movie. I really love the results.


Original (yes dad is proud)


250 triangles


Abstracting even more: 50 triangles


500 ellipses


250 rotated ellipses


1000 circles


1000 rotated rectangles


1000 b├ęzier curvesI love the ghostly quality of this one