Trip of doom – camping fun

The camping we stayed at yesterday has had bear activity recently, the
night was creepy quiet. It always amazes me the buzz we get in our ears
when there is nothing to be heard. Except maybe for Brandon snoring, which
given the right conditions sounds exactly like a bear passing by your tent.
I don’t know if it’s the gun or the exhaustion but I still slept like a log.

Trip of doom – Yellowstone

I’m not a fan of this place. It is truly amazing but way too many people
and infrastructure to fell the deepness of it all. road work, massive
gatherings in notable places, giant campers all over. It took some
determination to go through all that shit. And you have to pay the $20 7
day pass even if you just wanna go across the park. We did ride very close
to a bison minding his own business on the side of the road, that was cool,
but still fuck this place.