Harvests of a whole New Level

We started picking to eat a few, then we brought a bowl or 2, and now we need to make sure to empty the bushes before their fruits go to waste. Which leaves us with tons of extra berries. I think this will be the first year where we get to gorge ourselves, give to friends, and have enough for canning a year’s worth. In the past we’d go get bulk quantities at pick your own orchards for the canning.

There’s so much more coming we’re bracing ourselves. Robin does raid the berries but he’s more independent and rarely gathers with us these days.

It’s Been Dry

I have plans to expand and diversify our water sources next year: roof capture, pond, stream buffering, well overflow, well from the old house we recently acquired. All will be at least investigated if not deployed. We want more alternatives to combat dryness, a fact that is made particularly relevant because of how many things we have growing nowadays, and it’s always hard to see them struggle from lack of water. On the same sad but relevant tone, we have started meeting families which moved to Vermont as various levels of climate refugees. We ourselves picked the area a decade ago for it’s better position in this regard, among other things.

This dry year, we’re moving water as we can, which is to say it helps but it’s far from a panacea.

Filling up at the stream, which is almost dry…

Failures & Unexpected Successes

5 years ago, we planted a bunch of raspberry plants along with all the blueberries and fruit trees. We placed them on a field that is pretty far and not visible from the house. The lesson we learned is that we’ll forget to care for anything that isn’t directly under our eyes. Nicole placed her gardens specifically with this lesson in mind. They are very close to the house, we see them at all times and are forced to walk by them as we move around the house. The raspberries were never well taken care of, but we did try and wasted efforts doing to. We then moved them closer to the house, and they did poorly for years. Oh well we thought, everything else is doing fine, we expected some loss afterall. This year though, this year is the year, and most started thriving, I’m not sure why really.

And so much like we get to grab desert at the blueberry patch, we now get to do the same with raspberries. The kids love it of course, if you don’t hear them for a while, there’s a good chance they’re sneaking raspberries. We tell them to not spoil diner, but we’re all too happy for it. The parental resistance is really just part of the tradition.

5 years later, we finally have raspberries…