Hard time taking pictures of the process, we’re at 15 gallons of cider, 5 of which are now laced with the inebriating nectar of the gods :). We followed an extremely simple farm recipe, the cider is good but not great. The 2 gallons with honey tasted best, maple syrup left no particular taste but did make the cider a little stronger. Good stuff!


Every batch labeled with a picture for the story of the tree it came from.

“Old man’s arch”, “Maple ghost moon”, Honey third from the left” are all there.

Soft Cider -> Hard Cider

The apples are rolling in and we decided to buy a press to try to make hard cider with them.


It’s raining applesapples_coming_down

Washing stationIMG_1798

And that’s why we wash them 🙂IMG_1800

All crushed and ready to go.IMG_1803 IMG_1805

Packed all the way down IMG_1866

And the resulting yumminess. Only a few of our apple trees produce apples that are decent to eat. The rest are small and quite tart, we were surprised to learn they actually make the best cider.IMG_1869

They don’t eat much of it but they are happy to indulge their urge to scratch.IMG_1880

Contemplating our options for turning these 5 gallons into hard cider IMG_1929

We provided sugar for the fermentation in the form of honey & maple syrupIMG_1939