House – Support Built-Up Beam Anchoring

 Once again I spent hours measuring & leveling; the laser level has proven itself to be invaluable.


To lift the beams up I used a technique I don’t know the name of but that I discovered watching this: link. This is no Stonehege but 3 2x8x16 with plywood sandwiched between is more than I can lift, this technique worked really well.



Leveling, mesuring, hammering for 9 hours. The 2 heaviest parts of the house, piers & beams are up a month ahead of schedule.


House – Support Built-Up Beam Assembly

Getting ready for fun


Charging station


Clamping left & right, not all 2x8x16s are created equals, it’s very hard to mitigate their imperfections.


Helpers helping



The inevitable was not evited.

IMG_3663End of the day, 3 built-up beams ready. Next thing is to attach these monsters to the piers.



House – Pier Install Day

Take it away Ken


In spite of the batter boards & strings, it takes a very long time to get everything level and right where it needs to be.

photo 2(1)

I  love the fact that Ken doesn’t give a flying crap about liability and expects you to be in the hole & helping as he makes 750lb piers fly above your head. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Great & fun guy, knows his stuff too. “Uh oh Ben, we’re running out of piers.”

photo 1(1)

Filling it all back up & calling it a day


Thanks to Matt for stopping by unexpectedly and helping for hours.