Stove Addiction

$50 for a pot belly stove that has been sitting in the Tunbridge Store for god knows how many decades. We don’t know much about its history but it does look like it has lived :). This one was simply too beautiful to pass even though it doesn’t look like much thrown in the truck like this. I don’t know if I will be able to get it up and running again. But we figure even dismantled, the parts will be beautiful decorations once brushed up. I would prefer to keep it functioning if at all possible.

This will be the last new stove for a good long while. We have nowhere to store another one anyway. I need to work on the couple of fixer uppers we have lined up first.

Firewood Storage

We finally have a nice firewood buffer in the house. No need to keep running outside to get more wood. The house can go several days with what’s in there.

The top shelf will probably not be used for wood.

One of the benefits of this setup is that I am now in charge of keeping it filled: it’s less work for the rest of the family to keep fires going, and they don’t have to guess which end of which wood pile outside to pick from.

I commissioned labels so we know what we’re burning and which shelf to preferably pick from.

I love commissioning labels. The kids are very thrilled when it shows up randomly in our lives attached to an actual function. I’m carefully building up my collection of labels knowing I only have a few years to do so before they don’t want to do it any more. What I’ll have built up will have to suffice for the rest of my life.