As green as it gets

I threw the last logs in the stove and promptly went after a couple more small ash trees. For a brief moment, we were all out of firewood.

We’ll take all the drying we can get

This is the greenest we’ve burnt, literally minutes between tree to firewood. Ash is seriously impressive.

Just in time fire

We’ve had no wood reserves for 2½ months, what little left we had was consumed by the unexpected or trying to make starting fires quicker. It’s ok though we’ll be warm, fuel literally grows on trees. All it takes to harvest is a bit of exercise, a beautiful day doesn’t hurt.

Ash trees have a special place in our hearts given how many times they saved our bacon. It’s a shame they are getting ravaged by the emerald ash bore, what will the future ill-prepared homesteader do when their wood reserves don’t meet the tribute demanded by Winter?

Working my way up to the canopy

I was taught to not waste a branch, I moved the canopy elsewhere for later processing, for now I need the quick yield of the trunk

Big logs going for a hike

A fair amount for the time spent.


The tire technique

A few swings later, splitting small to help the burn

Straight into the firebox it goes