Over and Under

My brother & I just spent a tough week end tackling 2 projects which are needed to take the house addition through next Winter.

The first project was to cut a hole through the roof for a stove pipe to come out. This will allow us to hook up a second stove: the alpiner. Woodstoves are very low tech and unlikely to break, but I’ll be relieved to have a backup source of heat. At this point we have no idea how much or even if we’ll need to fire both stoves, the addition will be fully insulated for this Winter when it wasn’t for the last one.

High, slippery & dusty, but with a nice view on our energy independence

And our maple syrup independence 🙂

While I’m up there enjoying the views

When I designed the house addition, I framed a section in an odd way so as to be able to pop out the roof and grow half a floor. I’m not sure if we’ll ever do it but I wanted to have the option. Being up there is a great reminder why.

Ok let’s get to the business at hand, a big hole

I did this one with full climbing gear, I have no idea how I did the previous one without.

I have yet to take a picture of it with the flashing, I’ll be back up in a couple of days to put the cap on.


2nd horribly shitty project, insulating the floors.

from this

to this

We spend the hole day working in the dirt and against gravity, it sucked just as much as I remember from when we last did it to the original tiny house. Here we’re covering everything with plywood.

Thank you to my brother for suffering through 2 rewarding yet miserable days, to Russ for the climbing equipment, and to Dan for the reciprocating saw.