Taking Leaves for a Ride

One of the things trees give us: quick composting organic matter from deep bellow.

We didn’t count the bulbs we put in the ground this year. You could say we’re getting into the rhythm of things and not really worrying about bean counting.

The Secret World of Leaves

Some sort of eggs under a zucchini leaf.


There’s a Japanese party at the currant plant.


I have no idea what is going on there, at a first glance, it looks like ants are gathering sunflower seeds (this is a sunflower plant); yet upon closer inspection, other insects are involved and and the seed looking things could be their cocoons. Maybe some aphids the ants are raising?


I found several of these neatly folded birch trees leaves. Some halfway done and tied up with some web. I opened one up but whatever natural cycle this is was already over and there was nothing in there but refuse of some sort. I love the idea that some insect is making a little sleeping bag with available material.


Petals are leaves come on, a bumble bee got in and the other insect decided it wasn’t welcome in that flower any longer.