Popped a Couple of Windows in among other things

We went to a window store once and were quoted $2200 for a single window. More than we paid for all our windows combined. I really don’t mind paying for nice things but I never understood how windows were so expensive. Also annoying, why I need to deal with catalogs & resellers. I avoid resellers like the plague in any context. Give me a website, I punch in my measurements, pick a few options and click “Go”.

There’s no way we’d pay this much for a window. Thankfully there’s plenty of second-hand ones out there. From recover stores to word-of-mouth. The ones at the recover store are in high demand and fly off the shelves pretty fast. The word-of-mouth ones don’t show up when you need them so you need to store them until you do.

I found this one next to a “free” sign along with 3 others. I pounced on them and they’ve been sitting in storage for a few years until today. Most second hand windows need a little TLC.

Definitely not $2200

Making a hole for another window

This one only costs ~$100 new, we’ve got several in the house and I really like them. They’re clearly not the nicest looking windows but they’re good bang for the buck weather shielding wise.

We have daylight 🙂 We’re trying to figure out what to do with this little alcove.

This living room is going to be my master piece. The experience I’ve acquired these past few years is starting to show. Our house is a great timeline of my progress working with wood, it’s crazy to think I even got something together with no experience and lack of proper tools. I now possess so many routines, tools, subconscious movements which all add up to perfect walls with no mistakes or swear words. Now I’m sure this will change when I do the ceiling.