Cool Lego Project #2 – Rope Climbing Robot

My son is 5, Mindstorms are too complicated to investigate but… By hacking a wire straight to a battery, it’s easy to explain to him how to apply power to a motor. No indirection from the programming or the brick, simply energy applied to motors.


With this you can make a simple car:IMG_4847It’s been great fun to watch him figure out how various gears work. Now for the project, we simply turned this car into a robot which climbs up a string.

2016-05-29 21_08_36


Cool Lego Project #1 – Paper Bending Machine


Simply run the paper through a couple of interlocked gears, the result is way more fun than it should be.2016-05-29 20_45_47

This one is powered by induction (a motor with a handle is manually turned to generate electricity for the other motor).IMG_4886

Potable verdict

We just got the test results from the well, we can drink it 🙂 This is huge for us. No more bottled water, almost a year in.

The first glass of water we drank and are still alive to talk aboutIMG_0109

Having a well is amazing and we are becoming quickly dependent on it. We use a lot more water because it’s easier to get. Watering the garden, longer showers, laundry, anything goes now 🙂

Surprisingly efficient way to do laundry, and so much better than wasting time and money at the laundromatIMG_4681

With the nice weather back and easier access to water, we’re enjoying luxurious showers.IMG_4682

When we had just moved in, I noted there were 3 things our household didn’t support:  potable water, laundry and reliance on gas to power tools. The well allowed us to eliminate 2 of the 3, with the 3rd one still unlikely to go away anytime soon.