Tractors and Trucks

Lumber & Fruit trees, 2 signs you’re about to have a good week end.


Watch out world, we’re about to make some holes.


What little boy dreams are made of. He was so unusually focused Nicole legitimately thought he was sick.


I could do this all day


Making a better driveway because I can.


An addition to the family

of toys:IMG_8524

Nicole & I struggled with the idea of a tractor for a while. In only 3 years we’d had such an impact on the land with barely any power tools, and a tractor will greatly augment our ability to affect it further.land_01 land_02 land_03 We believe a few things will keep us in check from expanding too much. At the end of the day, the winning argument was that our projects were going to happen, regardless of how much I suffer through them. A tractor will certainly take care of a lot of heavy lifting.