4 Replies to “2 truckloads of compost and 1 bucket of ash tilled in”

    1. La seule contre-indication que je vois dans cet article c’est de pas mettre des cendres de n’importe quoi. Notre bois n’a clairement ni plastoc, ni produits chimiques. Sinon je crois que tu veux faire attention a ton pH selon les plantes que tu fais pousser.

      The way I see it, a forest that burns yields very fertile soil so you can’t really go wrong with ash. Maybe I’m wrong.

      Gardening is awesome and super brutal when you consider the evolutionary mechanisms by which plants try to fuck each other up to get more sun and water.

      Tu as planté qqchose cette année?

  1. Wow – that’s one hell of a lot of compost. One bucket of ash is enough for all that? How is ash useful exactly ? Ca redonne du fer a la terre, truc du genre non ?

    1. Not sure exactly what it gives to the soil, Nicole’s doing that research I help with the labor. It’s decomposed organic matter though so I figure it can’t hurt 🙂

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