Tough sugaring so far

Very tough sugaring so far, the weather isn’t cooperating. The conditions on the ground are horrible with ice and melting snow, you never know what will happen on the next step you take. Then you need to handle utensils in these conditions, next to a raging evaporator, glasses covered with steam, at night, by yourself. The potential is real for a freak accident that involves boiling, burning, impalement and maple syrup. We also had a wind storm which blew everything away but the cover on the evaporator thank god; a building around the evaporator will be very nice.

Some trees produce profuselyIMG_8205

The sap wagon

Got stuck… had to shovel snow out from underneath the sap wagonIMG_8211

boiling awayIMG_8209

Hello fogginess my old friendIMG_8215IMG_8220


The reward: 1.5 gallons of unadulterated maple sweetnessIMG_8230

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