Mild Winter Bathroom

It’s late November and the ground isn’t frozen, it’s a perfect opportunity to work on water evacuation to the septic tank as we get ready to create our bathroom. If we don’t do it now we’ll have to wait another 4 months. We unearthed the existing line to split it into another one for the bathroom.

Popped in a Window

Framed bigger because it’s easy to shrink but not to grow


It was a bear to get up the ladder

$60 second hand window 🙂

Trenching for Fiber

In preparation for a fiber drop, I buried conduit from the pole to the solar shed. I had never done anything like this before, adding to the long list of skills I’m happy to have.


The part in the woods was super hard, I tried to do it by hand but there was no going through the roots. I ended up chainsawing a path for the tractor. With this and some crazy maneuvering, the trench was dug.

The tractor was invaluable to the operation. It always blows my mind how hard it is to move dirt by hand.